Keratin, Hot Botox and Hair Treatment

  • April 5, 2020 3:52 pm
  • Al Bidda, Doha
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Beautiful ladies, if you want to change the appearance and structure of your hair, forget about brittle and dry ends, lifeless and dull length, slow growth – then treatment with completely organic components its what you need:

 No fumes and harmful components;


 Allowed for children and pregnant women.

⚜️ Cold Botox is a perfect solution for damaged hair.

Super nutrition, superorganic, super protection.  Provides reconstruction of hair structure and natural shine, as it penetrates deep into the hair.  Great even for hair extensions (keeping them in perfect condition).  Has an accumulative effect.  Helps to maintain elasticity, softness, the brightness of staining.  Cool protection against external irritants.

⚜️ Organic Keraplastic:

 It is full of vitamins, amino acids and organic components (spirulina, collagen, black caviar extract, aimed at powerful recovery, strengthening).

 Stays in the structure for up to 2-3 months.

 Returns life to severely damaged hair, helps to turn into life the dream of healthy and long hair.

 Favourite procedure for blondes ?‍? who are afraid to spoil the hair.

⚜️ Classic Botox:

 It neutralizes porosity, fluffiness;

 Collagen-based internal hair nutrition and external structure modification (smooth canvas) for a long time!

 Shine, softness, silkiness

⚜️ Keratin (provides a glossy shine and evens hair for a long time, straightens naughty curls, facilitates styling, you will forget about ironing).  Helps to get dreamed hair (“like in commercials”).

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